Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pirates Game 31 Recap - Nationals 6, Pirates 2

-Didn't see much of the game. Got to tune in for the final three innings but not much happened after I turned on the TV.

-The Pirates had some mojo going in the first inning as Bryce Harper got tossed out of the game in the top of the first inning and then Starling Marte hit a homer on the first pitch he saw. If that wasn't good enough the Pirates then loaded the bases with no outs. That is about where things stopped. The Pirates scored zero more runs in the first inning with a pair of strikeouts and a groundout and meh.

-Wandy Rodriguez wasn't as bad as he was against the Brewers but from what I see he is still a little off. It took him 117 pitches to get through six innings and he gave up three runs on six hits. I didn't watch him pitch at all so I can't really talk to how effective he was but from what I read on Twitter and what I saw in the box score he is going through a little rough patch after a great start. He did throw 18-of-25 first pitch strikes which is really good. He also struck out seven.

-The John McDonald experiment needs to end. When Neil Walker comes back he better be the person cut. I know he probably won't be but when he came in he was supposed to be a superior defender and he hasn't been. He is basically another pitcher in the batting order and is a wasted roster spot especially with Brandon Inge and Clint Barmes on the roster.

-Brandon Inge playing needs to stop also. Having McDonald and Inge hitting back-to-back followed by a pitcher makes me want to throw up. You get nothing from 33% of your lineup. How do you win?

-The Pirates were only down one heading into the seventh inning. That basically sealed that the Pirates wouldn't call on Mark Melancon and Jason Grilli. Good thing, wouldn't want to keep the game close. They have obviously been way overworked with each throwing only two innings in the last eight days (including today) with an off day tomorrow.

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