Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pirates Game 33 Recap - Mariners 2, Pirates 1

-This was exactly the kind of game it was being talked up as. It was thought to have been a pitchers dual where only a few runs might win it and what resulted is a 2-1 win for Seattle thanks to a really nice start by Felix Hernandez. A.J. Burnett was nearly just as good as Hernandez and for much of the early part of the game it looked like the opening inning run that the Pirates scored might be able to hold up. It didn't.

-Burnett was pretty good for the most part. He went seven innings and gave up only two hits while striking out nine. The problem was that after the first few inning he started to get his pitch count up and he started walking a few guys and one of the guys he walked came around to score. On the game he walked four hitters and one of them came in the fourth inning and came in to score on a wild pitch. To be honest while it is going to be scored a wild pitch that is a ball that Michael McKenry has to block. Russell Martin probably gets to that ball but he was not in the game thanks to a stiff neck. In a tight pitching matchup like this game it is the little things that might cost you and it cost the Pirates a run there.

-Starling Marte opened up the game with a double down the line and after a Travis Snider strikeout Andrew McCutchen stayed hot and drove home Marte with a single up the middle. After that the Pirates really didn't get much going. They did get a few runners on base but hit into a few double plays and really didn't give you the idea that they were going to get much going.

-Hernandez is as good as advertised. While he only struck out five Pirates he kept them at bay nearly all day. He threw 16 first pitch strikes in 28 plate appearances and was very effective by only throwing 97 pitches in eight innings of work. It would have been really something if they could steal a win out of this one but he was pretty good and the margin of error was small.

-All told the Pirates went 2-3 in this home stand against the Nationals and Mariners. It could have been better than that and to be honest it should have been better than that. The offense is scuffling a little bit and it has hurt them on more than one occasion. The Pirates now get four games against the Mets.

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