Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pirates Game 41 Recap - Pirates 7, Brewers 1

-Four times this season the Pirates have had a four game series against teams. Four times they have lost the first game of that series. Four times they went on to win the next three games. That trend includes the four game set the Pirates just finished tonight as they downed the Brewers 7-1 and won the final three games of the set where they lost the very first game. Just unbelievable that they can continue to do this and even more unbelievable that they did it against a Brewers team that they have a really hard time beating.

Yes Pay, holy crap.

-The game wasn't as in hand as the final score dictates as the first five innings it was only a two run game but the Pirates scored four runs on five hits in the sixth inning to give the team some breathing room and really gave me a satisfied feeling with every run that was being scored.

-I talked the other night about how Travis Snider has been struggling a little bit recently but tonight he was a huge part of the win. He went 3-for-5 with a pair of runs scored and three more driven in including a pair of runs on this monster of a home run:

That was a home run that was estimated to go 458 feel that bounced into the river on a shot to right centerfield. Holy man. That ball was just crushed.

-The offense really showed up tonight despite not really having a great series. They collected 13 hits including a ridiculous 9-of-20 from their top three hitters. Just great to see the top of the lineup step up with some big at bats in key situations. They have struggled with runners in scoring position all series but they were 5-for-12 in that aspect tonight.

-This was the second start of the season for Francisco Liriano and since I didn't get to watch his first start I really can't give you too much of a comparison but while he only went 5.2 innings today I think there was a lot more good than bad to take from his start. Liriano has ridiculous stuff and he was downright nasty at times tonight. He struggled in the first inning a little bit but after that settled in. He did struggle with his control for short stretches of the night and walked two hitters but also struck out seven. When he had a chance to put a hitter away he did it. While he has a great slider it was his change up that really got the job done tonight. It looked really good and has a lot of bite on it and how some hitters were able to lay off of it is beyond me. His velocity was around 93 all night and he was able to touch 96 with his change up hitting 87ish all night. I can absolutely deal with that.

-Russell Martin with two more hits tonight. Earlier in the season I talked about what a successful season would be for Martin and I said if he could hit .230 that his OBP would be about 100 points higher than his average and that would be more than enough for the Pirates. Well all Martin is doing now is hitting around .275 with a nearly .370 OBP which is just unreal when you think of what the Pirates dealt with last season. Add on to that that his defense is indescribably better than anyone the Pirates have had the last 15-20 years and I think you start to see why I talk about him every night.

-A lot of people have been saying that they are waiting until the All-Star break or waiting until August to really get into the Pirates because of what has happened the past couple of years. I say screw that. What is so wrong with living in the moment and enjoying the Pirates playing some damn good baseball right now? Sure the last two collapses have sucked but they have nothing to do with this years team. This is a totally different season and while this team might struggle down the stretch it is not because they did so last year. This years team just took three of four from a Brewers team that has dominated them the last five years and have won four of the last five overall against them. Stop worrying about last year and enjoy this year. This years team is a ton of fun to watch on a nightly basis.

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