Friday, May 31, 2013

Pirates Game 55 Recap - Pirates 1, Tigers 0 (11 inn.)

The Pirates just keep finding ways to do it. They struck out a ridiculous amount of times but once again got a great performance from Jeff Locke to keep the Tigers off the board until someone could play the part of hero. 

That hero was Russell Martin who crushed a ball with no outs and the bases loaded that came feet from being a grand slam. Like I said, they just found a way. 

Right now the Pirates are stacking wins. Even though they don't necessarily deserve to win some of these games, they are. Now, teams are going to take wins however they get them but people shouldn't be expecting games like this all the time. It is inevitable that the Pirates are going to go on some sort of a losing streak at some point a d by stacking wins now they are going to lighten the blow of that streak. It's a good thing to have in your back pocket. 

Now, do not take that as a "well the Pirates are goi g to collapse so win as many as you can now" because that is not what I am saying. I am saying that in a 162 game season you are going to have multiple winning and losing streaks and the way you minimize those losing streaks is by stacking wins so when the losing does happen (for however long) it won't be as bad in TV standings because there is that buffer. 

Again, this is a really fun team to watch play baseball. 

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