Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Best Video You Will See All Year

Brian from Raise the Jolly Roger threw out this video saying that he has never seen it and it was really funny. So being someone that likes to laugh I checked it out. Little did I know how funny it was. Seriously, what a video.

I have no idea if this was used before a game (I assume so) but this is pure gold. There is so much to talk about but I literally laughed through the entire thing.

Some quick thoughts:

-I think the Gaby Sanchez part is the best because he legitimately seems surprised the camera is there then flashes the double guns. You can never go wrong with the double guns.

-Pedro Alvarez did not want to do this. At all. He looks unreal awkward.

-Clint Barmes nods his head before turning to the camera like he was saying "well, I guess I have to play baseball today"

-Pretty sure someone told Wandy Rodriguez that he was being taped for a personal ad on

-Russell Martin is waving at the T. I wonder if it waved back.

-Garrett Jones had his hood up like he just got done robbing a 7-11 and then was meeting up with his friends to eat the sour patch kids that he stole.

-Andrew McCutchen absolutely loved doing this.

Just awesome. I think Sanchez was my favorite part of the video but this is probably the best thing I will watch in 2013.

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  1. I though Gabby was the best too! Wandy kind of scared me.