Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gerrit Cole: The Day After

As if I already didn't make this clear enough I was really excited to watch Gerrit Cole pitch last night. Excitement doesn't mean that the outing is going to be good or bad but luckily for myself it was good. Really good. As I was going through a bunch of stuff today I figured I would link up some stuff for you to read.

-If you didn't get my thoughts on the outing then you can check out the recap from last night. [TRBB]

-FanGraphs did a piece where they looked at Cole's command, specifically in the fifth inning. [FanGraphs]

-David Schoenfield of ESPN looked at how Cole could be a pretty big factor in the NL Central race. [ESPN]

-Grant Brisbee of the McCovey Chronicles blog (which is outstanding btw) takes a look at Cole, and the game last night, from the other side. [McCovey Chronicles]

-Here is the pitching breakdown from Brooks Baseball. Cole threw his four seam fastball a lot last night and it average 97. Yea. [Brooks Baseball]

Here are some other Pirates links:

-FanGraphs did their picks for the NL All-Star team. They have four Pirates on it. [FanGraphs]

-Pirates Prospects released their midseason prospects list [Pirates Prospects]

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