Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pirates Draft Austin Meadows 9th Overall

As many of you know the Pirates were unable to sign Mark Appel last season with the eighth overall pick so this year they got the ninth overall pick as compensation. With that pick the Pirates took high school outfielder Austin Meadows from Georgia.

Meadows looks like a baseball player as he stands 6'4 for an outfielder where he currently plays center but could move to a corner spot. He is known to play some pretty good defense but he is probably more well known for his bat which has good raw power. When you read about Meadows a lot of people will talk about his physical size and he is "toolsy" which should help him develop as the knock on him is that he hasn't put it all together yet.

That being said he is 18 years old and while high school players are getting bigger in other sports it is pretty remarkable to see him stand at 6'4 with room to fill out and add to the skills he already has.

This is a pretty good spot for the Pirates as most (myself included) are a little surprised that he slid this year. It wasn't out of the question that he couldn't fall to him but of all the mock drafts and talk I was seeings and hearing nobody had Meadows going to the Pirates. While he isn't going to be able to make the impact in the next couple of years the Pirates probably thought this was too good of a player to pass up even though they were connected with a few other players at this spot.

While I have never seen Meadows play here are some videos of him:

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