Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pirates Draft Reese McGuire 14th Overall

When I was talking about Austin Meadows in the writeup about the Pirates drafting him ninth overall a little while ago I talked about the mock drafts having the Pirates going in another direction because Meadows wasn't thought to last. That player that everyone had the Pirates taking was prep catcher Reese McGuire. So, with the 14th pick the Pirates got to take the best catcher on the board and someone who they were more than comfortable taking in the top ten.

McGuire gets a bit more talk for his defense than for his offense as his pop time (time from the ball hitting his glove to the ball hitting the glove of whomever is covering first) is typically under 1.9 which is as good as you are going to see anywhere. Keith Law commented that McGuire's pop time was consistently under 1.85 and ranked his arm as an 80 on the 20-80 scale and raved about his exchanges and arm in his scouting report.

Offensively it is a little unknown on what you are going to get with McGuire. It seems like there are some people who think he has some decent upside with the bat but at the same time there are some who really don't like what he might bring with the bat. His swing has been describe as pretty good bat speed and if he can stick at catcher then this could be a great get if he pans out (which is a toss up).

The Pirates coupled Meadows and McGuire to go for the high upside players. Obviously there is more risk with high school players but I don't think you can really complain with how the draft turned out considering who was on the board and who the Pirates were have thought to been high on.

Again, this is a guy who I have never personally see play but here are a few videos of him:

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