Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pirates Game 75 Recap - Pirates 6, Angels 1

The Pirates are doing nothing but winning baseball games right now. They are getting in some trouble during the game but all they do is get out of the trouble and then win games. I don't know how they are doing it and at this point I don't care how they are doing it, they are just getting wins and that is all that is matters. I talked earlier this year about the Pirates stacking wins and that is exactly what they are doing. Unreal fun to watch.

The Pirates top four hitters went 1-for-18 and the Pirates ended up with six runs and ten hits. Last season for the most part if Andrew McCutchen wasn't getting hits the offense wasn't going to do much. This year is the exact opposite where every night it is a different guy in the lineup making a play and putting the team on top of everything else and it just works.

Pedro Alvarez is just red hot. He put the ball in the stands in his first at bat where he took an inside fastball and just crushed it to right field. He is on an unreal streak right now and it is just fun to watch him. I know I probably talked about it last night (or previous nights) and said that he just look comfortable at the plate but I don't think I have ever seen him as comfortable at the plate as he is right now. He is squaring up every ball he hits and it is a fun thing to watch. Already 18 bombs before the break. Yes.

Gaby Sanchez had a pair of hits as did Neil Walker. Sanchez had a really great day defensively that saved at least one run and he launched an absolute bomb in the eighth inning that put the game away. Walker hasn't been very good all year but he has been swinging the bat pretty well lately and it gives this offense a totally different dimension when he is driving balls into the gap.

Francisco Liriano was really good again tonight. He doesn't get overly deep in games as he only went 6.2 innings tonight but he had some filthy stuff tonight as he struck out six but also gave up seven hits and a walk. He did only give up one run so you can't knock that. After his struggle the past two years from control problems he has really tightened it up and become a really great addition to the lineup. He does get to some deep counts on hitters but has really done a nice job of battling back to get outs and while his pitch count might get up he keep things under control.

Jordy Mercer just keeps playing great baseball. Two more hits tonight. Love to see it. I rag on Clint Hurdle a lot but he made the right move in saying that Mercer was going to be the starting shortstop. I didn't think Hurdle would actually make this move since he is a veteran type of guy but big ups to him for recognizing the problem and making the move.

The Pirates are stacking wins. I talked about it earlier this year but for the Pirates to get wins now it is a huge positive. The Pirates are playing good baseball right now but at some point they are going to go through a losing streak and that is going to happen to every team in baseball. To combat that inevitable losing streak the Pirates need to get as many wins as possible until that point. They are 15 games over .500 now and they have 18 games left until the All-Star break. They play only three games against a team with over a .500 record so it is not out of the question to see the Pirates at 20 games over at the break and that would be a really nice place to be for the second half.

The Pirates already won the series and a sweep would be sweet. Playing with house money on the final day of the series. Go get it Bucs.

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