Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pirates Game 77 Recap - Pirates 9. Mariners 4

When the Pirates face someone like Joe Saunders they should get the win. That is not to say that Saunders isn't capable of getting a win or can't beat the Pirates, but he just isn't that good. Granted, he had a string of really nice starts before facing off against the Pirates but the Pirates did what they needed to do against a soft tossing lefty, they hit him all over the yard. Saunders was done after 1.2 innings after giving up six runs on six hits and three home runs and the Pirates pretty much had this once wrapped up after the second inning. Games like this are fun.

All-in-all the Pirates had 13 hits and nine of those hits went for extra bases. They homered five times (!!!!) and Starling Marte went deep twice. At times this season the Pirates offense has really had a hard time hitting, especially against lefties, so it is always good to see what they can be capable of. Hell, Brandon Inge even went deep and had two hits.

Neil Walker was the only starter without a hit, but even at that he walked twice and now has a walk rate of nearly 11% on the season. Marte (three), Andrew McCutchen (two), Gaby Sanchez (two), and Inge (two) all had multiple hits.

Jeff Lock really didn't have his best stuff, but with a six run lead he didn't need to be his best. His control wasn't there but he only walked two guys (despite possibly getting some help from CB Buckner) despite throwing a lot of balls. Whatever. He still has an ERA of 2.06 and is now 7-1. What? I think Pat summed it up best:

17 games over .500. Good times.

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