Sunday, June 30, 2013

Report: Penguins Close To Extension With Kris Letang

I think I am only one of three people that is excited by this news. I have been pretty vocal that the Penguins needed to resign Letang but I also understand the other side of the argument.

Things aren't finalized and terms aren't released but it seems like it is all but a done deal.

A lot of people won't like this deal, but I do (without seeing the terms, but Ray Shero is a pretty sharp guy on this stuff and if it is true which it seems to be).

I think what gets lost in all of this is the long term implications. If he is extended for seven or eight years he is still going to be at a $3.5M cap hit this coming season before his salary goes up. The next year things will be tight but most are predicting the cap will be $70M in three years or so and as much as $80M in five years. This Letang deal (if it happens) will look like a great deal when the cap is up. The deal might look bad in the short term but I think Shero is really looking at the long term implications with this deal which might turn out to be great. (Assuming the deal is around $7.5M ish which is should be).

Might have some stuff on this later. Maybe not. Who knows. Go Bucs.

UPDATE: Deal is eight years, $58M

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