Friday, July 26, 2013

Pirates Game 101 Recap - Marlins 2, Pirates 0

Coming into the night I really didn't think the Pirates were going to get shutout by the Marlins. The problem is that the Pirates got shutout by the Marlins. The Marlins scored two runs and the Pirates scored zero runs. That blows.

The offense couldn't get anything done and only had five hits all night and while Jeff Locke tap danced around trouble for much of the night he couldn't keep the Marlins off the board.

Locke is a guy that I have no idea how to read. He struck out nine hitters tonight in 6.2 innings of work but he also walked six. The big blow came in the sixth inning when Locke walked both the seventh and eighth batters with one out and then gave up an infield single to Placido Polanco to plate the eventual game-winning run. I am actually surprised that this hasn't happened more to Locke this season but when you don't throw strikes and put runners on for free this is what happens.

Really not much else to say. The Pirates offense wasn't good but they had a pretty good series against Washington so I am will to chalk this game up to the tone of "shit happens." Sometimes you are going to win games and sometimes you aren't, tonight was the latter. People are going to jump on this loss because the Marlins suck but they have won games before and they will win more games after this one. The Pirates win the next two and things will be good.

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