Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pirates Game 103 Recap - Marlins 3, Pirates 2

Sometimes you win (last night), sometimes you lose when you shouldn't (Friday night), and sometimes the other teams pitcher is just really, really good and he dominates you. That last part pretty much summed it up today. 20 year old Jose Fernandez took it to the Pirates and went eight innings while striking out 13 Pirates and after giving up a pair of runs in the second inning just cruised through the rest of the game. Gerrit Cole went for the Pirates and while he was good Fernandez was just better.

As I said, Cole was pretty good today. He went seven innings and while he gave up three runs he surrendered only four hits and struck out eight while walking two. He was throwing some nasty pitches and most things were working well for him today. Things got away from him in the fourth inning when he gave up a pair of runs but he bounced back with a six pitch fifth inning so it looked like he might be able to hold off the Marlins for the rest of the time he was in the game. Problem was he made one more mistake and that mistake went 415 feet off the bat of Giancarlo Stanton. Ballgame.

Not much else to say from this game. The Pirates really needed to at least win this series as the Cardinals and Reds have been dropping some games but they were unable to do so. Pretty big series coming up against the Cardinals starting tomorrow. Five games including a double header on Tuesday. Should be fun.

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