Friday, July 12, 2013

Pirates Game 91 Recap - Pirates 3, Mets 2 (11 inn.)

There is one thing that never gets old and that is seeing a shit ton of tweets that say nothing but "Raise it" one right after another. Nothing matters about that game at that point, that means the Pirates won another ballgame. It doesn't matter if they had 20 hits or they had only six in 11 innings, they won. Ugly wins count the same as pretty ones and while tonight's win was a really ugly one it still counts as number 55 on the season and marks the 55th time in 91 games that you saw a string of Raise it's. It feels good, real good.

The offense was bad, again. I sound like a broken record but outside of the final game of the Mets series the Pirates have just been really bad offensively. They went 1-for-6 with runners in scoring position and wasted a chance to win the game in the ninth with a leadoff double that turned into nothing with the game tied. The Mets were able to work around hitters with intentional walks and get some huge outs but their luck ran out when Jordy Mercer punched a ball up the middle with two outs in the 11th to score Andrew McCutchen who led the inning off with a leadoff [unintentional] walk.

I think we are all past the point in thinking that the Pirates offense is going to be good, or even average, but at the rate they are playing now they will regress to the mean just about as much as the pitchers are going to regress to the mean. The Pirates have been really, really bad with runners in scoring position this recent stretch and to be honest it really isn't that sustainable to be that bad for an extended period of time. Balls will fall like they did on Wednesday but I assume this will even out a little bit more after the break. I mean, it has to right? Hopefully.

Pedro Alvarez continues to be really good. He took the first pitch he saw tonight and went deep for an early 2-0 Pirates lead. That was his only hit in five at bats but he made it count and I will take that. He has been really good for much of the past year and I really think it gets overlooked that while he has struggled for portions of this season he has been a much more consistent hitter. He is still striking out a ton but he is getting on base at a decent clip and driving the ball over the fence.

Charlie Morton was really good. He was able to give the Pirates seven strong innings, scattering six hits and only walking one. He gave up both runs to the Mets, one came on a good pitch that David Wright fought off for a flair into right field and the other was a mistake fastball that was basically middle-middle that Kirk Nieuwenhuis hit out of the park in the seventh inning. Outside of that Morton was really good. He struck out three hitters and got 11 ground ball outs and five fly outs and gave the Pirates the start they needed. If he can continue to pitch like that it will go a long way for the team seeing as how they don't know how long Wandy Rodriguez will be out.

The pen was good. Again. Mark Melancon, Jason Grilli, Tony Watson, Bryan Morris, and Vin Mazzaro combined to pitch four scoreless innings and only gave up three hits, two of which were given up by Watson. They have been good all year and while I still think they might need some help back there with the addition of another starting pitcher (to push a current starter to the pen) I think you can be nothing but happy for what they have done this year.

Like I said, a win is a win and the Pirates won. All that matters.

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