Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pirates Game 113 Recap - Pirates 4, Marlins 2

For much of the young year for Charlie Morton it has been a mixed bad. I am not even talking about a mixed bag in terms of start-to-start performance but more of an in-game mixed bag. It looks like he is on and has some really good stuff and then sort of falls off the map for an inning or two. Tonight he had one of, if not the best, start of the season as he shut down the Marlins nearly from start to finish and thanks to some shoddy Marlins play and a pitcher that ran out of gas the Pirates moved to 25 games over .500 and if the Dodgers score holds up against the Cardinals (Cards down 7-2 as I type this) then they will be three games up.

Morton seemed to really have it all tonight. He went seven innings and threw only 86 pitches (59 strikes) and struck out five while not walking a single batter. If there was ever a night to coin the term Ground Chuck then it was tonight as he recorded 21 outs that included 14 groundouts, one fly out, five strikeouts, and one caught stealing. Not too shabby Chuck, not too shabby at all. The nice thing about all of this is that Morton doesn't have to be great, although it is always nice when he is, but he's a back end of the rotation guy and he can give you any kind of start like he does tonight then that is pretty huge.

Morton got into some trouble in the fourth inning where the Marlins were able to pick up a pair of runs but were really unable to get more with runners on the corners and nobody out with already a run in. One of those ground balls turned a double play that let a run score and then a strikeout. Outside of that the Marlins had nothing going. After that fourth inning Morton didn't allow another base runner.

The offense really wasn't that great as they struck out eight times in only five innings to Marlins starter Tom Koehler
but they did just enough in the fourth and fifth inning to get one more run than the Marlins and win the series.

Andrew McCutchen decided to be Andrew McCutchen and went deep to the opposite field in the fourth inning to cut the lead in half then Morton answered in the fifth inning with an RBI hit followed by Jordy Mercer scoring on a wild pitch. Just a wild inning. Also, Morton is going to the Hall of Fame:

I guess that is finally settled. Won't have to worry about the argument when it comes.

Pedro Alvarez had a really nice day in the field and also added on another run for the Pirates in the eighth inning with a sacrifice fly.

McCutchen was the only Pirate with more than one hit on the night as he now has five multi-hit games in a row. I mean, I guess he is an alright baseball player.

The Pirates got a really good outing from Morton and got some timely scoring thanks to some base running from Josh Harrison and some general awful play from the Marlins. The Marlins aren't as bad as they seem on paper but they are a team that the Pirates should beat on a consistent basis. Tonight was important since Jose Fernandez is going to be the Miami starter tomorrow and he has been nothing short of outstanding this season. I wouldn't be shocked if he racked up around 12-15 strikeouts tomorrow, easily.

Whatever. Another win. Wins are fun.

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