Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pirates Game 126 Recap - Padres 2, Pirates 1

It feels like I have been out of the loop when in reality I have only been gone maybe five days or so with a trip back to Pittsburgh and with the late night games in San Diego I really haven't had much time to get to anything besides actually watching the game. I guess I picked a pretty bad time to come back and recap a game because the Pirates really didn't look that good today, at all.

Gerrit Cole was on the bump and it is really hard to parse what he did. He did go six innings and gave up only two runs but he also gave up ten hits and didn't seem to have the command you would want from him. He did give the team a chance to win the game which is what you want but there are still things that Cole needs to work through in order to be the top of the rotation guy that he should be.

The Pirates offense did little to nothing today. They had only four hits on the night and scored the only run in the eighth inning when Felix Pie (yea, he's playing now) walked and then scored on an Andrew McCutchen sacrifice fly. Other than that the Pirates had a runner on third was the first inning when they had the bases loaded with two outs and nothing came of it.

Ian Kennedy has been pretty bad for much of the year for Arizona and San Diego but he was able to completely shut down the Pirates offense tonight. He struck out eight through seven innings and while he walked three he only gave up four hits.

The Pirates offense isn't as bad as everyone wants it to be but it was not good today. Garrett Jones has been particularly bad. I mean I guess that is giving him a little credit, that is how bad he's been. In the last 10 games Jones has only two hits and the last hit came August 15. Just bad.

The good part of this is that the Pirates followed up a dreadful 2-7 stretch of games with a series win. Even though they lost the finale today they won the series and that really should be the goal the rest of the way out. They are still leading the division, even if only by a game, and that certainly is a good thing in late August.

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