Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pirates Game 128 Recap - Pirates 3, Giants 1

Sometimes you have games like last night where you get contributions from everyone down the lineup and you win a baseball game. Sometimes you have games like tonight when the lineup really doesn't have much going against a good opposition and all it takes is one swing of the bat to win the game. It took more than one swing to win this but Clint Barmes took care of the biggest swing as he went down and got a Madison Bumgarner pitch that was down and in and just barely got it over the left field fence for a three run bomb and all the offense the Pirates needed in a 3-1 win.

People are going to talk about the improbable Barmes bomb but the story of the game was Charlie Morton. He went 7.2 innings and was outstanding, yet again. He struck out three and gave up seven hits but really never gave the Giants much of a chance to get into this game. He was taken out a little early after throwing only 83 pitches but it was probably the right move as Clint Hurdle has been known to leave pitchers in a little too long. You really can't say enough about how good Morton has been recently, and this year as a whole. He is going to give up some hits and have some balls sneak through the holes thanks to the vast number of ground balls he gets (13 ground ball outs compared to only five fly outs tonight) but with how good the Pirates have been in turning batted balls into outs that is exactly what you want. Here is just a little glimps into what Morton has done:

So, yea, keep going Chuck.

Andrew McCutchen is still really good at baseball. Two more hits tonight and now has a .323/.401/.513 line. He is the team MVP in case you had any doubt.

Jost Harrison was the only other Pirate with more than one hit. He has a single that followed a Gaby Sanchez single to set up the pond for the Barmes home run.

I could talk about bunting Neil Walker not once, but twice tonight to set the table for Barmes and the pitcher but I am not even going to get into it. It worked out with the Barmes home run but it really isn't something that should be happening. I know that Walker is pretty dreadful from the right side but especially in the first instance (in the fourth or fifth inning) you let him swing the bat.

Really good win over one of the Giants best arms that gives them at least a series split. With Francisco Liriano and A.J. Burnett on the bump the next two days you have to really feel good about the Pirates at least winning three in this series. Nothing is guaranteed but so far things couldn't have worked out any better.

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