Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pirates Game 133 Recap - Brewers 4, Pirates 0

This game just sucked. The Pirates didn't do much offensively and Gerrit Cole came off a shaky beginning of the game to give the Pirates 7.1 innings of a typical Cole start. The Pirates offense had their chances in the game but really just didn't couldn't capitalize.

As I said Cole went 7.1 innings and threw 97 pitches (62 for strikes). The Brewers got the bat on a lot of his pitches with ten hits and then turned those into four runs which was more than enough on this night. Cole struck out four and only walked one but I seem to always come away hoping that Cole could get more swings and misses. I do think he is going to improve next year but in the big leagues everyone can hit a fastball no matter how hard you throw it. Cole was leaving a lot of his pitches over the heart of the plate and the Brewers made him pay.

I don't want to say the offense was bad today, because they weren't, but you can talk as much as you want about Cole getting hit around a little much but the fact remains that when you don't score a run you aren't going to win. Bottom line. The Pirates had six hits all night and recently aquired catcher John Buck had three of them. So, yea.

The Pirates aren't going to sweep every series and it would be foolish to expect them to, but you can't drop series to the Brewers. The Cardinals had the day off and a win would have put them even with them heading into a three game series and now they are a full game back. Now, this isn't terrible and losing a game to the Brewers isn't terrible, but you need to win the series. The Pirates didn't They are still in good shape but this series kinda hurts.

Oh well.

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