Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pirates Links/News/Notes

If you have been living under a rock you might come out and wonder how the hell the Pirates have taken the first four games of a five game series from the St. Louis Cardinals. I would probably tell you that they have used a mix of hitting, defense, and pitching in order to get this done but you still might not believe me. It is true.

With the Pirates success there has been a bunch of articles and such being written about them and that is awesome. I literally can't find enough Pirates articles to read and while that is sad (as is my life right now) here are some of the more intriguing ones from the last couple of days:

-Dave Cameron over at FanGraphs worte a nice piece about how the Pirates aren't regressing. [FanGraphs]

-Also on FanGraphs (actually RotoGraphs which deals more fantasy baseball) is a piece about Pirates hard throwing Tyler Glasnow. Nathaniel Stoltz has a writeup on him (more of a scouting writeup) with a good video and his thoughts on Glasnow's strengths and weaknesses. [RotoGraphs]

-Jerry Crasnick talks about how the Pirates, and the fans, are really making this season special. [Sweetspot Blog]

-David Schoenfield talks about Francisco Liriano as a possible Cy Young candidate. [Sweetspot Blog]

-Crasnick tackles both Neal Hungtington and Cardinals GM John Mozeliak about the trade deadline and what they did/didn't do. [Sweetspot Blog]

-Schoenfield thinks the Pirates have exposed some big flaws with the Cardinals. [Sweetspot Blog]

-Pat Lackey over at WHYGAVS put together a really nice post about Michael McKenry. The Fort is out for the season with knee surgery and while most wanted him gone after a pretty terrible season it must be remembered what he has done for the team and where he came from. [WHYGAVS]

-While the Pirates didn't make a move at the traditional trade deadline they are still able to make moves before the end of August, only if they do it could get a little messy. Tim Williams put together a piece explaining the waiver deadline. [Pirates Prospects]

-Carlie over at Bucs Dugout did a really nice recap after Brandon Cumpton shut down the Cardinals in game two of the doubleheader. Gave me goosebumps when I read it. [Bucs Dugout]

-I didn't really do much with the trade deadline since I didn't have a lot of time and there are a lot of other Pirates bloggers that had that covered but I thought I would give my two cents. Nothing happened this deadline. Bud Norris was the second biggest piece moved (Jake Peavy being the biggest) and when that is the case then the market is really thin. Only a couple of teams did something and nobody in the NL Central made even an average move, if any at all. It is hard to say how sincere Huntington is when he gave the quote about being ready to do something stupid but not insane but from all the reports over the last week and his press conference it seems as if there was just an unreal cost for guys yesterday. The Pirates have the best record in baseball right now and while they didn't make a move I still think they were in good shape. Every team has flaws and while I wanted GMNH to get a bat for either the bench or right field there just really wasn't anything out there for him to get. I realize this makes some upset but frankly that is just the way it is. I was OK either way with me leaning towards them wanting to get a player but when Nate Schierholtz is the biggest name in the market then maybe it is alright to not go all out.

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