Monday, August 5, 2013

Pirates Video Roundtable - 8/5/2013

With the Pirates having the night off it was as good of time as any for another video roundtable with the topic of discussion being the Pirates. As you probably know from the past James Santelli puts these together and is gracious (or stupid?) enough to have me on the show.

I was joined on the show by James and Pat Lackey from WHYGAVS and we were live on the air for about an hour tonight and we talked about a host of stuff which included:

-The trade deadline (or lack there of)

-What the Pirates playoff (!!!!) roster might look like

-What is the number of wins the Pirates need to win the NL Central

-Took some Pirates twitter questions and attempted to sound semi knowledgeable about them (I failed)

-At the beginning we found out that both Pat and I didn't pay for the shirts we were wearing. Interesting.

Anyways, here is the video of the roundtable. Thanks again to James for having me on, it is always a good time.

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