Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pirates Game 141 Recap - Cardinals 5, Pirates 0

The Pirates dropped their third straight game and they have lost the first two in the series against the Cardinals. They are now out of first place by a half game and will send Charlie Morton to the mound tomorrow to try and get back into first place. I am not sure how a lot of people feel about this game but to me it is really just another loss. Does this loss suck? Yea, it sucks. Every loss sucks. The Pirates did a really nice job up until this point in the season of winning a lot of games. That might get a little lost now but the fact of the matter remains that they are only a half game back of the NL Central crown on September 7 and pretty much assured of getting into the playoffs. The division title is the obvious goal here but a loss that drops them out of first place isn't the end of the world. Before this series started against the Cardinals the Pirates already won the season series from them. This loss sucks, but they all do.

Aside from that this was a pretty weird game to start. Jeff Locke got the start after he was sent down to AA a few weeks (probably wasn't a few weeks but it feels like it). Not a whole lot changed. He actually did pitch better, I guess, as he gave up only three hits in five innings of work but he walked four and hit another en route to giving up three runs. Now, three runs on three hits isn't horrible but you can't put five guys on base in five innings for free and expect to be successful. I understand that Locke wants to work on the corners but it is one thing to miss "around the zone" and it is another thing to be nowhere around the zone. Locke fits into the latter. He wasn't overly effective and allowed the leadoff hitter to reach base in four of his five innings. You can't be successful like that.

The offense wasn't good either. Andrew McCutchen had both of the Pirates hits until Jose Tabata doubled in the ninth inning. That was it. Three hits. The Pirates had some chances but Adam Wainwright really did a nice job of shutting the Pirates down. Wainwright is a pretty outstanding pitching and despite his struggles in his last two starts he really has the talent to shut you down every single time you go out on the field.

Really my whole thoughts fit into that first paragraph. The Pirate win tomorrow and they are back in first place. Leave St. Lousi in first place and I can't really complain about much.

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