Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pirates Game 142 Recap - Cardinals 9, Pirates 2

Well, the Pirates series in St. Louis could have went much better than it actually went in real life. The series as a whole was about as bad as it could get and after getting worked the past couple of days they got worked again today. Charlie Morton has done a pretty great job this year pitching but today the Cardinals were able to get his pitches into the air and they peppered the gap. Chaz also left the game after 1.2 innings after an injury and ended up giving the Cardinals five runs on six hits and walking two. Yay.

No idea about the injury. Morton went back to Pittsburgh and the good thing is that it's a foot injury. I was actually watching the Pirates game and when he called for the trainer and he came out I thought I saw Morton say "I felt a pop" as he was point down at the ground. Now I am not sure if that is what he really said and I obviously couldn't hear him but that is my best guess as an amateur lip reader. The good thing is that it's not an arm issue but I really hope this something that keeps him out a long time as he's been the most consistent Pirates starter over the last month or so.

The Pirates offense was pretty much nowhere to be found. Now, I have been telling you how good the Pirates offense has been over the second half but they gave little to nothing this entire series. It sucks.

I want to try and frame this as positively as I can but that is pretty tough. Getting swept by the Cardinals is a gut shot and now the Pirates are on a little bit of a skid. The good thing is that they have played well enough up until this point where they are only 1.5 out of first place with 20 games to go and they are firmly in the playoffs but the last thing this team should want is to get into that second wild card spot where they have to go on the road to probably Cincinnati for a one game playoff. The Pirates need to snap out of this and I guess this hurts worse because I had a really good feeling about the game but it turns out I wasn't right.

It doesn't get easier as the Pirates go for a three game set with Texas starting tomorrow when they face Yu Darvish. Yikes.

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