Monday, September 16, 2013

Pirates Game 150 Recap - Padres 2, Pirates 0

Well, this game left a lot to be desired. When the highlight of your night offensively is getting one hit and breaking up a perfect game in the seventh inning then you probably aren't going to have a good night. Tonight Andrew Cashner was really, really, really good and there just wasn't much the Pirates offense was going to do.

Cashner took a perfect game into the seventh inning but it was Jose Tabata who singled down the right field line to leadoff the inning. Now he didn't go anywhere but it was nice to at least have a hit.

A.J. Burnett had a pretty nice start. He as going punch-for-punch with Cashner early but the Padres were able to get the better of him in the seventh inning. He ended the day with eight strikeouts in 6.2 innings and gave up six hits and walked three. He really started to weaken a little bit in the later innings as he was putting guys on base but was able to wiggle out of it. He wasn't able to do that in the seventh. Still, when you get a start like that you should expect to win.

It sucks that the Pirates dropped the first game of a four game set. Earlier this year this was the plan, where the Pirates would lose the first game of a four game set then win the next three. I think that would be a really good idea here.

I am going to chalk this up to "one of those games." Cashner was really good and the Pirates didn't have an answer. That's baseball sometimes.

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