Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pirates Game 151 Recap - Padres 5, Pirates 2

After a really frustrating and bad game last night the Pirates came out and lost again. I know, you were probably waiting for me to say that they bounced back and got a big win off a huge late inning hit. If you thought that then you probably didn't read the headline or didn't watch the game or didn't check the game on the internet. Anyways, the Pirates lost. It sucked.

Jeff Locke came out and had a really good first inning. He gave up a base hit with two outs but didn't let that runner get past first. He was throwing strike and looking like he did in his last outing. I just to the wildly quick conclusion that he was getting back to his pre All-Star game status. I was wrong. Over the next four innings Locke gave up six hits and walked three others while giving up four runs and a monster three run shot. He wasn't all that effective and got himself into trouble and really wasn't all that good. He only went five innings and you can't do that. He isn't pitching himself into a playoff rotation spot. Shocking, I know.

The offense actually got some things done as they answered the Padres three run third inning with a pair of runs of their on in their half. A Locke single followed by an Andrew McCutchen double set it up for Marlon Byrd to single them home. It really made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Locke followed that by loading the bases with no outs the next half inning and gave up a run in exchange for a double play. So, that wasn't good. The Padres tacked on an insurance run off Bryan Morris in the seventh inning that kind of put the game a little too far out of reach. It certainly didn't help that the Pirates managed zero hits off the Padres bullpen in four innings of work.

McCutchen had two of the Pirates seven hits while Gaby Sanchez also had a pair of hits. Imagine that, Gaby Sanchez getting hits off a lefty. It's almost like he should start every game a left handed pitching is throwing. No way, that would be way too weird.

I noticed that a lot of people are really getting bent out of shape over the loss. The Pirates should beat the Padres, but they didn't. It hurts because the Nationals swept the Braves and the Reds and Cardinals are cruising in their respective games. The Pirates are going to make the playoffs, they will win another game. They will probably beat the Padres despite them winning a ton of games at PNC Park. Breathe.

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