Friday, September 20, 2013

Pirates Game 154 Recap - Reds 6, Pirates 5 (10 inn.)

For most of the game I was ready to come here and talk about a really dominating Pirates win that put them two games up on the Reds and possibly in a first place tie with the Cardinals. Instead I come on here after the Pirates blew a three run lead in the bottom of the ninth inning and then lost in extra innings. Just really a gut punch. I am kinda of at a loss for words and because of that this will be short and sweet.

Francisco Liriano was just on tonight. He has been a little inconsistent recently but tonight we got to see the very best of Frank. He went eight innings giving up three hits, walking three, and striking out seven. He made some of the best hitters in the league look like they haven't swung a bat in a year and really did it with little effort only throwing 94 pitches.

The general feel after this game is going to be if the Pirates should have taken out Liriano. I said after the eighth inning that he should probably be sent back out for the ninth inning, and I think he was planning on going back out until the bottom of the eighth inning took a really long time. Melancon was warming up to start anyways but at first it looked like he was just getting lose just in case Liriano got into trouble but once the bottom of the inning drug out then it was Melancon's game. I don't really have much of a problem with this. Melancon is really good against left handed hitters so that part was a bit of a moot point.

I don't really think this is on Melancon thought. He got a lot of weak contact and it didn't help that the Pirates played brutally bad defense. Jordy Mercer chipped in with an error that would have ended the game when he didn't set his feet and threw the ball into the stands and then Pedro Alvarez couldn't come up with the ball that allowed speedster Billy Hamilton to score the tying run.

Kyle Farnsworth was brought in to pitch the 0th inning and gave up an opposite field home run to Joey Votto. Ballgame.

Man, just a gut punch. I mean the Pirates are now tied with the Reds and there were still some good things about this game but blowing a three run lead in the ninth inning is just inexcusable no matter how it happened. The Pirates have to come back and get a win tomorrow. I know that you can say this is only one of 162 but with how the wild card and division has been shaping up it makes this game that much more important. Sure, the Pirates have five more games against the Reds but you can't give games away like this. Just can't do it.

I don't even know. I am going to watch Bad Boys II on Bravo and pretend like this didn't happen. Best part about baseball is that there is another game tomorrow.

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