Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pirates Game 159 Recap - Cubs 4, Pirates 2

I was unable to watch any of the game since I had to be at my real world job so I was only able to follow GameCast and periodically look at Twitter.

From what I could tell Francisco Liriano was decent, but fell apart in the sixth inning. With the game tied at one he served up a three run home run to Darnell McDonald which was the difference in the game.

The Pirates offense had a good bit of base runners on but weren't able to get any of them in. They went 1-for-13 with runners in scoring position and left eight guys on base. That isn't going to work. There were points where the Pirates were putting together some good at bats but it seemed to always stall.

The bad part about this loss is that the Reds lost too. If the Pirates were to have pulled out a win they would have had a two games on the Reds and would have only needed one win this weekend to wrap up home field for the Wild Card. The Cardinals also won so unless they fall flat on their face against the Cubs the Pirates will be in the Wild Card game. As it sits now, it's easy. Whoever wins the Pirates/Reds series is going to host the Wild Card game.

It is going to be an unreal weekend.

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