Sunday, September 8, 2013

Steelers Game 1 Recap - Titans 16, Steelers 9

This game was as bad, or worse, than the score would indicate. If you watched any of this game then the play of the Steelers probably made you want to throw up but that also could have been from the hangover you probably had from the night before or because of the bad Natty Light beer your friend thought was a good idea to bring over to watch the game with. The Steelers actually played worse than Natty Light is as a beer so, there's that.

This doesn't really need to be recapped. The Steelers sucked. Actually the whole AFC North sucked as the division went 0-4 on the same week for the first time since like 2010 or something. So, the Steelers played really bad but they are currently in first place so...

So, whatever. Here is some stuff. We are going to start with the bad so we can finish up with the good. There isn't much good so that sucks.

The Bad

-The offense was really bad. Like really, really bad. They only amassed 195 yards of total offense and this was after the final drive the Steelers had where they gained 75 yards. So before that final drive they had 120 yards of total offense in nearly the entire game. That is not good guys. They had a really solid first drive that went 12 plays for 54 yards but after that the Steelers had eight drives that they punted seven times and threw a pick. They had less than 30 yards in all but two of those drives. So they started with a good drive and ended with a good drive and were wildly terrible in the middle. Sucks that the middle was eight drives.

-The running backs were awful. Actually Isaac Redman was really bad. Redman carried the ball eight times for nine yards and fumbled twice. The first of those fumbles came on the first drive where he fumbled on like the four yard line into the end zone and cost the Steelers some points. Redman then fumbled later but was lucky enough to recover it. As a team the Steelers only attempted to run the ball 15 times and gained only 32 yards. It was really bad. I am not going to be the one to jump all over the Steelers for cutting Jonathan Dwyer. Could Dwyer have been better than anyone else today? Sure, but what does it say that no other team has signed Dwyer? Lets please not pretend like he is a feature back that the Steelers mysteriously cut. Should he have been cut? Probably not but people are making it a way bigger deal than it should be.

-Injuries. All the injuries. Maurkice Pouncey was lost for the season with an ACL/MCL injuries when David DeCastro I guess mistakenly thought that he was playing defense for the Titans and went for a cut block on him. The problem is that he doesn't play for the Titans. DeCastro was visibly upset and to be honest I have no idea what he was thinking. This put one of the Steelers top offensive lineman out for the year. Larry Foote is also lost for the year with a torn bicep. He will also have surgery. Larod Stephens-Howling also busted up his knee but should be fine and Ryan Clark was injured on a few occasions. Cortez Allen was banged up with a bad ankle. I mean the loss sucks but the guys the Steelers lost for the year sucks even more.

-The offensive line was bad. I am not saying that the running backs were good, or even close to it, but the offensive line gave them nothing. Ben Roethlisberger was running for his life for much of the day. The line was pretty decent on the first drive but after that it got away from them. They gave up five sacks and we saw how many rushing yards the team was able to manage.

-The defense did a decent job today by keeping the team in the game but they continue to not create turnovers and only got to the quarterback one time. Can't happen, especially when you are facing Jake Locker.

-Mike Tomlin's clock management sucked. It might not have made a huge difference but in the fourth quarter on the Steelers final drive the Steelers called a timeout with 2:03. This was a pretty brutal decision as the next play was incomplete and it was the two minute warning. The Steelers saved three seconds but even if they scored on the next play the two minute warning would have set in before the extra point. Just dumb. If you get the ball back that timeout is more important when you are going to for a tying score.

-I am leaving out most of the rest of the game because it really isn't worth going over.

The Good

-This is how the game started:

(via Kissing Suzy Kolber)

Yep, opening kickoff and it was a line drive kick that Darius Reynaud came out of the end zone for then went back in and went to a knee. That is a safety. Three seconds into the game. Just the best.

-Troy Polamalu doing this:

(via Kissing Suzy Kolber)

-Ben Roethlisberger went over 30,000 yards for his career.

-Antonio Brown was pretty good as was Jerricho Cotchery. Brown had five catches for 71 yards and Cotch had four catches for 34 yards and at least two of those catches were on third down that converted to first downs.

-Um, there were a lot of injuries but nobody died?


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