Friday, October 25, 2013

Penguins Game 10 Recap - Islanders 4, Penguins 3

Well, that didn't go as planned. The Penguins outshot the Islanders 42-25 and largely outplayed them for much of the night but in the end it wasn't enough and the Penguins dropped consecutive games for the first time this year. This game was actually a pretty well played hockey game by the Penguins defensive unit for much of the game but this went from a 2-1 Penguins lead with about nine minutes left but in the last nine minutes four goals were scored. The bad part is that the Islanders scored three of those four goals.

Looking at just the box score you would probably say that Jeff Zatkoff had another subpar game but I really think that is pretty off base. Zatkoff was actually pretty good and the four goals scored against him only really one of them I would put solely on him. The game winner for the Islanders looked bad because Zatkoff was floundering like a fish out of water but that was after he made a couple of dazzling saves and to ask him to continue to do that is pretty much unrealistic, for any goaltender. Anyways, it was kinda funny to look at him spiraling on the ice. What wasn't funny was that it cost the Penguins at least one point as that happened with 1:40 left in the game. All-in-all it was a nice bounce back game for Zatkoff.

Brandon Sutter probably played his best game of the season tonight. He ended the game with only one assist and was a -1 (+/- is a pretty useless stat) but he was all over the ice. Really good stuff from him tonight despite the loss.

Tanner Glass was also pretty good. He played only 11:30 but drew two penalties and did some off the radar things. Dude has been pretty good this year.

What didn't come through tonight was the power play. It went 0-for-5 on the night. Woof. The Penguins had some chances on it and actually converted a goal just after one of them expired but you probably would want to convert at lest one of them.

Kris Letang was back tonight. He wasn't bad and he wasn't good. He was just in the middle. People are going to be overly critical of him because of the contract he had and because he has spectacular hair (OK, maybe not the second part, but maybe) so it is what it is.

The Penguins went 48-27 in the face-off dot. Nice.

Deryk Engeland scored a goal from his wing spot. For real. Now, this was pretty awesome because it was a defenseman scoring a goal while he was playing win but oh man what a pass from Joe Vitale to set this up. Also it came 16 seconds after the Islanders tied the game up and this would have been the PERFECT way to have a game winning goal to be scored. While all of that would be awesome that doesn't mean that Engelland playing the wing is a good idea on any level.

Not really sure where I am going with this now. Seems like there were a good bit of things that went right tonight and yet it was a blown loss. The team played a pretty good game for the most part. Just sucks that it came after a game where they played well and ran into a hot goaltender. Things like this are going to happen though. The Penguins play another game in like six minutes.

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