Friday, October 11, 2013

Penguins Game 4 Recap - Panthers 6, Penguins 3

At one point late in the second period Bob Errey said that the Penguins and Panthers were playing a good hockey game. He was wrong. This was not a good hockey game. Actually it was a pretty sloppy hockey game with shaky goaltending on both ends and just a middle of the road feel. The Penguins weren't going to win every game and they weren't going to go undefeated against every bad team. Florida is not a good team but they are still a professional hockey team and they handed the Penguins their first loss of the season.

This was the first game of Jeff Zatkoff's career and to put it lightly it didn't really go how he would have liked it too. I don't really think I expected a lot out of him to be honest. I mean I am sure his nerves were unreal tense and when that happens things tend to go a little faster than you would like. Zatkoff wasn't good, at all. That isn't to say that he cant be a good backup goaltender or that he should be sent back down to the AHL because one game is an extremely small sample size and I wouldn't expect the Penguins to make a rash decision like that. I assume he is going to get a few more chances, at least, and I don't really expect him to be this bad every time he goes on the ice.

It must also be noted that the penalty kill gave up three goals to a Panthers team that only went 1-for-22 on the power play in the first four games of the season. This game wasn't on Zatkoff completely. He was part of the problem which included many other facets of the game.

Craig Adams scored his third (!!!!) goal of the season off a really outstanding play from Tanner Glass. I must admit that the fourth line was a concern for me but they are playing some really good hockey right now on a night-in night-out basis and while the Penguins lost tonight they weren't the reason.

Evgeni Malkin finally got on the scoreboard to tie the game at one in the first period. He took a really nice pass from Beau Bennett and found the back of the net on the short-side of goaltender Jacob Markstrom which was nice to see.

The Penguins won a ton of faceoffs tonight. They were 37-of-58 in the dot after coming into the game as the second-best faceoff team in the league.

It's only one game. Come back and get a win in Tampa tomorrow and things are all good.

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