Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pirates NLDS Game 3 Recap - Pirates 5, Cardinals 3

Holy shit you guys. Holy shit. The playoffs may kill me but so far they are going to make that death a really enjoyable thing. The first game of this series the Pirates were beat to a pulp by the Cardinals. In the second game the Pirates returned the favor to the Cardinals. Game three was a bought where each team got their punches in and the Pirates finally got that knockout blow. The Pirates are one win away from the NLCS and they play at PNC Park tomorrow. Holy shit.

This game had it all. Andrew McCutchen was nothing short of spectacular as he went 2-for-2 with a double, two walks, and two runs scored. Marlon Byrd continues to be a monster in the playoffs as he drove in two runs to go with two hits and Pedro Alvarez shows that when things are going good for him then he can win you ballgames. Francisco Liriano was good, not great, but the Pirates didn't need great tonight. Mark Melancon gave up a bomb to tie the game in the eighth inning to Carlos Beltran but the Pirates got it back. This Pirates baseball team is really good and I while I think most knew that before this series I think most are knowing that for sure tonight.

I am not even sure I can explain all of these feelings. This was just a great game to get excited about. I was in a bar with every one of the 20+ TVs on football. I got the channel changed and with the sound system way too loud for anyones taste there was me among a bunch of people in football jerseys just throwing my hands up with Alvarez's ball went through the right side and scored pinch runner Josh Harrison. I did the same thing when Russell Martin knocked in another run a batter later. Did people look at me funny because I was watching baseball? Who care. Screw them.

It is fitting this game came down to Pedro's bat. With runners on first and second and one out Mike Matheny decided to go with a hard throwing left handed option. He went with Kevin Siegrist and he got Alvarez to swing and miss at a pitch out of the zone. Pretty much that is probably what he had to do, stay out of the zone. The problem for the Cardinals was that he didn't stay out of the zone. He made a mistake and while Pedro didn't get great wood on it, the ball found the hole and it won the game. Just as we all chalked it up.

This is real life guys, whether you believe it or not. Charlie Morton is going up against the Cardinals tomorrow afternoon to try and send the Pirates to the National League Championship Series. This is happening and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Holy shit.

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