Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sights, Sounds, and Thoughts From Pirates Wild Card Win

Here is some stuff from last night that filtered in after I tried to go to bed last night (which was largely unsuccessful).

Here is a video of the Pirates clubhouse celebration from last night thanks to Tim over at Pirates Prospects.

Some people are really down on the Pirates celebrating, but who cares? Why not live in the moment and celebrate? I saw people saying they were "just happy" with getting into the playoffs. All they did after that was sweep the Reds to earn home field for the Wild Card game and then beat that same team (who didn't celebrate) in the Wild Card game. So, yea the celebration definitely showed they only cared about getting in. This has been a long time and while the guys on that roster have not been around for the whole streak there was still a ton of weight on their shoulders about it. Live it up. It's not like the NHL when half of the league makes the playoffs, in baseball you have to earn it. Celebrate every chance you get.

Also last night a fan jumped off the Clemente bridge.

This was actually kind of really dumb. Hope the kid is alright. Winning playoff games in Pittsburgh is a pretty big thing though.

But, the best part of the game might be the fans at PNC Park. It was just amazing. If the Reds don't make the playoffs in the next 20 years then Johnny Cueto dropping the ball as PNC chanted CUE-TO will be the lasting imagine:

 And this is just exactly what you thought about. Russell Martin's reaction starting at the 13 second mark was really just how every single person felt with an unreal fist pump and a "fck yea"


 If I see any more stuff I will add it but holy hell, that Cueto video was just the best.

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