Sunday, November 3, 2013

Steelers Game 8 Recap - Patriots 55 (really), Steelers 56 (not really)

Well, there were some good things that happened at Gillette Stadium despite the Steelers scoring 31 points and losing by 24 and I am here to run them down. Lets start:

1) Jerricho Cotchery caught three touchdown passes and almost had 100 yards

2) The Steelers played well for parts of the third quarter

3) Nobody died

That's it.

It was pretty putrid today/tonight. Tom Brady hasn't been good all year with his rag tag group of receivers and the Patriots defense has been able to be had but what happened to the Steelers today was just a good old fashioned ass whooping. This is what happens when a pretty decent teams plays a really bad team and the really bad team has a really bad defensive day.

The Steelers set new team "records" by giving up 55 points and 610 total yards so that was, cool? The defense was just amazingly bad. Brady threw for 432 yards which I think is like the fourth-most yards he's ever thrown for while the Patriots ran for 197 yards. Yikes. The Patriots ran and threw at will on the Steelers.

I actually took a screen shot of the first half stats because I didn't think it could get much worse in the second half and here it what it looked like:

I mean, technically it did get a little better but it was still bad. Woof.

The Patriots drive log:


The Steelers actually got things rolling a little in the third as they forced a turnover and erased a 14 point deficit but then the Patriots scored a touchdown on each of their final four possessions that didn't include kneel downs. That is how you get blown out of the building.

The Steelers gave up 28 points in the fourth quarter. Some teams don't even get the ball four times in a quarter let alone have a chance to score 28 points in a quarter. It was really that bad.

Ben Roethlisberger and the offense wasn't really that bad. Things got a little away from him later in the game but he was pretty good for most of the game. He didn't make every throw but he got the team back into the game and gave them a chance. While saying that he held onto the ball a little too long resulting in a turnover (fumble on first drive) and some sacks but he was one of the betters players in black and yellow.

The Patriots run defense is pretty bad. The Steelers rush offense is pretty bad. The Steelers got over 100 yards on the ground. Le'Veon Bell rushed 16 times for 74 yards but to be honest I really don't think he ran the ball all that well. Early on he was very tentative and wasn't hitting the holes. He improved as the day went on but I dunno.

This game was actually fun to watch for the beginning of the second half. I didn't really think the Steelers had the horses to keep up with the Patriots seeing how bad the defense was but if it was going to be a close game it could be fun. Then things got ugly. Like being a Pirates fan in 2010 ugly.

Cotchery was really solid today. He found the end zone three times and didn't catch one of his eight targets.

The secondary was awful. Like Ryan Clark, Will Gay, Troy Polamalu, Ike Taylor, whomever else was just really bad.

I think you get where I am going with this. Kinda sucks to keep talking about. I guess this was good enough.

The Steelers play the Bills next week. I guess they might win that game. Who knows. I guess as of right now the game is tied at 0-0 so they have as much of a chance to win as the Bills do.

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