Friday, December 6, 2013

Pirates News and Notes

Well hello there everyone. How have you been? Good? Well that is great. Thanksgiving was good? Awsome. I know, I know, I haven't been around too much but with work and travel...I know that isn't an excuse but I still love you guys and...

Wait, did that really just happen? I am losing it. Anyways, I haven't been around too much and if you don't follow the Steelers or the Penguins on here (which I have done a pretty shitty job of covering them so you aren't missing much) then you probably haven't seen a whole lot coming up on your Pirates news feed from TRBB. Well you are in luck! I mean I don't know how much luck that is depending on how you feel about me and my thoughts but since we are in the middle of hot stove baseball and on the brink of the winter meetings stuff is about to get crazy.

The Pirates haven't been very active recently but they have been in the headlines for some small deals and been the topic of some discussion with some interesting pieces this year despite there not being a lot of substance. So, here is some of the news and maybe some of my thoughts on each of them.

-The Pirates acquired Chris Stewart from the Yankees for the well-known PTBNL. Stewart is a catcher and will serve as the primary backup for the team. Sewwart isn't all that good offensively (.211/.293/.272, .261 wOBA) but he is one of the best defensive catches in terms of pitch framing. This means that Tony Sanchez will start the year in AAA and to be honest I don't think that move is all that terrible. Sanchez is better than Stewart but I have a feeling that if Russell Martin were to go down then Sanchez would be the guy to take the full time duty. That being said I would probably like to see Martin only catch about 120 games so having Sanchez on the team would probably be better for how much they are going to want the backup catcher to play. Overall this probably isn't a huge deal but it is interesting that the Pirates went for a very strong defensive catcher again.

-With the acquisition of Stewart that followed with the DFA of Michael McKenry. McKenry is a great guy but he doesn't give you a lot. Defensively he isn't very good and offensively he isn't very good so this isn't a huge loss in my eyes. I am sure they could have kept him in AAA for an emergency situation but I have bigger concerns at this point.

-Just brutally horrible news came out that Evan Chambers passed away. Chambers was a 24 year old outfield prospect who the Pirates got in the third round of the 2009 draft. Just to think of a kid passing at the age of 24 is terrible. Thoughts are with his family, friends, and teammates.

-James Loney is being viewed as the top target for the Pirates at first base. I don't mind Loney as much and it seems like people are either on one side or the other with him. Adam Lind is an interesting player for first base but he would need to be a trade target. Loney is said to be looking for a three year deal in excess of $30M. The Pirates biggest need in my eyes is a first base platoon option that can hit right handed pitching. Gaby Sanchez crushes left handed pitching so finding someone else to fill in that other part of the platoon is huge. Sanchez can't handle every day at bats. While those three names were the ones talked about I would love for the Pirates to look into Corey Hart. Not only could he play some first base but also so right field where the Pirates might also need some help. Just a thought.

-In a "the Pirates are interested because they can be" evidently the Pirates are interested in David Price. In related news the Pirates are also interested in Mike Trout, Jurickson Profar, Felix Hernandez, Bryce Harper, etc. Now I am not saying the Pirates couldn't get Price because they absolutely have the ability to with the deep farm system and money but this doesn't happen. Dave Cameron talked about what it would take to get Price and brings up Gregory Polanco. The Rays are looking for a huge package for Price and while it would be great to have Price for two years I am not sure it is worth giving up what it would cost to get him. Also, I am not sure if I would feel good about trading with the Rays.

-Garrett Jones is going to sign with the Florida Marlins for two years and will be paid somewhere between $7-$8M. I mean there was really no chance he was coming back to Pittsburgh but it still is worth mentioning.

-This last one is just for laughs.

To that second tweet, yea, no shit. Almost like paying big time money on a multi year deal to a closer (or anyone in the pen) is a bad idea. Imagine that. Who woulda thought?

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