Thursday, February 27, 2014

Penguins Game 59 Recap - Montreal 6, Penguins 5

I think overall this is what you expected after a really long break from the Olympics. Both teams seemed kind of out of order and the defense wasn't very good and the goaltending wasn't very good. The end result was a combined 10 goal game that went to the shootout. This shouldn't be what you should expect for the rest of the season but over the next few games I wouldn't be surprised if things were still a little out of sorts. Not playing for a couple of weeks is going to throw you out of wack and, well, here we are. At least the Penguins got a point.

The Penguins gave up the first goal of the game and once they tied it less than four minutes later they never trailed again. The problem with this is that every time the Penguins took the lead the Canadiens tied it like seconds later. No, literally, seconds later sometimes.

I think we all have an idea about what was bad. I mean for stretches it looked like players were lost on the ice and the offense really held serve, as you expected it to. The Penguins penalty kill was all out of sorts as it gave up two goals in four Montreal chances.

There was some good. James Neal sniped a goal and had a really nice all around game, Brandon Sutter scored a shorthanded goal to give them a 4-3 lead, and the power play scored twice. I know the power play only went 2-for-5 but they were so good all night. They were making crisp passes and moving the puck really well and could have had a few more goals. Really fun to watch the Penguins on the power play.

Deryk Engelland was playing defense tonight but he jumped into the rush and scored a pretty nice goal. I don't know if it was because he had played so much wing this season but he looks a lot more confident jumping in on the rush and putting the puck on net. He did that tonight and it resulted in a goal.

Olli Maatta continues to be outstanding. If you didn't watch the Olympics then you missed how good he was. He just keeps getting better and for someone that is only 19 years old it really shows why the Penguins were surprised he lasted so long in the draft. He scored a power play goal tonight and while he did have a few blemishes on the defensive end it's hard to sit there and way that he hasn't been one of the brightest spots for the Penguins this season.

Uncharacteristically bad performance by the Penguins in the shootout. Marc-Andre Fleury hardly ever gets beat and he did one time and the Penguins were unable to beat Peter Budaj. Budaj looked lost for much of the game and was fighting the puck but in the shootout he looked like a totally different guy. Sucks.

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