Sunday, March 30, 2014

2014 NL Central and Pirates Preview Recap

If you have been been paying attention to this site or my Twitter feed this week then you know that I have been doing a NL Central preview that started with talking with a blogger with each of the NL Central team and asked them 15 questions concerning this season and what they expect. After those were done I put up a three part Pirates preview that I spent entirely too much of my time on.

If you were unable to check all them out then you are in luck because I have put all the links in one spot where you can look at all the previews.

Chicago Cubs - [Bleacher Nation] - [Preview]

Cincinnati Reds - [Redleg Nation] - [Preview]

Milwaukee Brewers - [Disciples of Uecker] - [Preview]

St. Louis Cardinals - [Cards Conclave] - [Preview]

Pittsburgh Pirates - [Part 1 - Position Player] [Part 2 - Pitching] [Part 3 - Observations & Predictions]

Please give a follow to all the blogs that helped me out with this. This is the third year that I have put this together and they all have been overly helpful and knowledgeable and should be your go-to for discussion on their respective teams.

Hope you all enjoyed it.

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