Friday, April 25, 2014

Grilli to the DL, Polanco Getting Love

The first part of the day saw the national media really jumping all over the Gregory Polonco train. It's almost like every single one of them got together and said that everyone is going to write something about him today. That is probably an exaggeration.

First, Albert Chen of Sports Illustrated said that Polanco is baseball's Next Big Thing.

The Next Big Thing is almost here. Are you ready to believe? Or are you already rolling your eyes?

The Next Big Thing is a 6-foot-4, 220-pound man-child who's being compared to everyone from Andrew McCutchen to Jadeveon Clowney. His name is Gregory Polanco, and he's the X-factor in the National League Central race, the sleeper pickup in your fantasy baseball league and one of the most enthralling prospects in the game; no player in the minors right now -- not Archie Bradley, not Oscar Taveras, not Byron Buxton -- is more deserving of a ticket to The Show.

The other article today is from Jon Heyman of CBS Sports. This is just as much about the Pirates taking things slow with their prospects as it is about Polanco, but still fun to read.

The other news is that Jason Grilli is going to the 15 day DL and Jared Hughes is called up in his place.

Grilli really hasn't been right since he was hurt last year. He did get his velocity back this year but he just doesn't look right and hasn't pitched well at all. Not sure what this means for him going forward but hopefully he can get back some of the mojo.

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