Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pirates Game 10 Recap - Brewers 4, Pirates 2

Well, that did not go as well as planned. I mean it wasn't a terrible game but things seemed to unravel pretty quickly on Francisco Liriano the second time through the lineup and that was about all the Brewers needed to come away with the win. The Pirates have had a to of trouble in Miller Park and while I think a lot of that can be overblown this just kinda seemed like one of those "well, it's a Miller Park game" feelings about the game.

Liriano didn't trow a bad game but like I said, things got away from him on a couple of swings. He breezed through the Brewers lineup the first time through in three innings and didn't face a single batter over the minimum. The fourth inning started with a walk of Carlos Gomez and the inning followed with a two run home run from Aramis Ramirez and then the Brewers got two more runs in the fifth off a Mark Reynolds home run and a Gomez single.

As I said Liriano wasn't that bad. The pitch that Ramirez hit out was a pretty good pitch. They had been working him down and away with some off speed stuff but tried to come back in on him, which was how that got him out earlier in the game. He didn't quite get it in enough and Ramirez got it. Here is the plot of the pitches of that at bat:

It wasn't a horrible pitch but it was just a good swing. Stuff like that happens. Still sucks though.

On the Reynolds home run it was the same story with nearly the exact same pitch, only it caught a little more of the plate:

Just really unfortunate. A couple of pitches and that was the game. The Pirates got some offense with a Neil Walker home run in the seventh inning but couldn't do much after that. It not as if there was a ton of offense in the game as there was a combined 10 hits but the Pirates just looked off. Starling Marte had a very forgettable game and the top four hitters in the lineup had only one hit and that came from Travis Snider.

The bigger story of the day was that Andrew McCutchen left the game after his at bat in the eighth inning. All that I heard after the game was that it was from left ankle discomfort. I guess that is a good thing since there was nothing that looked like went really wrong in his at bat so hopefully it is just a bruise or something of that sort. While he hasn't been swinging the bat all that well he is the Pirates offense and they can't afford to lose him. Here is hoping he is alright.

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