Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pirates Game 24 Recap - Cardinals 1, Pirates 0

The Pirates were shutout. They had four hits. In their current four game losing streak they have scored four runs.

They actually had a chance to score a run. This is how it went.

Of course that's what happened. It was awful to watch. It's almost as if Starling Marte is just happy to be on base for a change and then doesn't give a shit what happens after that.

After Marte got hit to lead the inning off Jose Tabata tried to bunt him over, unsuccessfully, twice. Because of course he did. He then moved him over with a hit. At some point I hope Clint Hurdle realizes that you can move base runners with things other than wasting precious outs with bunts and that if you don't think your leadoff hitter is good enough to, you know, swing the bat in that situation then maybe he shouldn't be hitting leadoff.

Gerrit Cole was really good. It didn't matter.

Maybe they will win tonight. Maybe not.

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