Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pirates Game 8 Recap - Cubs 7, Pirates 5

Really tough games for the Pirates. They have't really played a complete game this season outside of the route of St. Louis in the first game of that series and they certainly didn't get that tonight. This was a pretty weird game for the Pirates. Before the game if I told you that the Pirates were going to hit five home runs you would have given them a pretty good shot to win the game. They did not win the game.

The Pirates had six hits on the night. Five of those hits were home runs and every single one of those home runs were of the solo variety. Pedro Alvarez bombed two of them, as did Russell Martin, while Travis Snider also had one. Just really weird stuff.

The game ended up being close but I really don't think I ever got that vibe as I watched it. They fell behind early (although it was just 1-0) and after Alvarez tied the game with his first home run the Cubs went on to score the next six runs. The Pirates battled back with a pair of home runs in each of the seventh and ninth innings but never even had the game tying run on base so you can't really say it was close.

Wandy Rodriguez had a pretty up and down affair. Through the first four innings he had given up one run and then in the fifth inning things just kinda all fell apart. He gave up a single to Anthony Rizzo and then Mike Olt went deep which was followed by a Junior Lake bomb. As you guys know I am higher on Wandy than most people and I feel that a full season of him would be a good thing. There are definitely some concerns so far through his two starts. He just hasn't looked like he has it and while he's never had overwhelming stuff you knew what you were going to get. He has been hit around and his stuff has been below average, even for him. He was hanging pitches and most of the night his fastball was sitting around 88. That isn't going to cut it, especially when you are hanging your curveball.

Jeanmar Gomez followed up Rodriguez and got hit around pretty hard. He went two innings and gave up three runs on four hits and just didn't look all that good. Justin Wilson came in to stop the bleeding but it was too little too late as the offense really didn't have anything tonight before the game got out of hand.

It's just one game and as long as the Pirates come out and win tomorrow this will just be a blip on the radar. Gerrit Cole goes against Travis Wood in the day game. That should be a pretty outstanding pitching matchup.

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