Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pirates/Reds Suspended After All the Home Runs...Pirates then win.

Last night was really weird. This wasn't the normal #weirdbaseball (where a game goes after midnight local time and where you probably should eat ice cream) but this was a Great American Ball Park weird. The Pirates and Reds, in a rain shortened and suspended game, hit a park record 10 home runs and they didn't even get to the seventh inning. Only one run wasn't scored via a home run. Look for yourself:

Yes, you are reading that right, the Pirate hit three sets of back-to-back home runs. That is the first time in Pirates history they have went back-to-back three times in a game and only the third time it's ever happened.

Evidently they are only two home runs off the league record for a game. Once again, we are only through six innings of baseball:

Baseball-Reference Play Index also had a nice tidbit:

The Pirates got the lead when they went back-to-back the first time. Problem is that Joey Votto went deep for a two run shot to give the Reds the lead back. This happened thanks to this play:

That was Travis Snider getting hit in the face, in fair territory, on a ball that they ruled foul. It was clearly a fair ball on the replay but with it being called foul there needed to be a determination of where Todd Frazier should be put. He was eventually put on second base, which I think it fair, but that is a new wrinkle to replay that we haven't seen yet. Since this game is tied and past the fifth inning all the stats are in the books and will count. That means that the Pirates now lead the National League in home runs. That is some pretty funny stuff. To be honest I have no idea how they even went into the sixth inning. The field was nowhere near playable and after five innings the game was official and probably should have been called. Now that would have meant the Reds would have won 6-5 since Joey Votto followed up back-to-back home runs by the Pirates in the top of the fifth but I think looking back on it that probably would have been the better call. The field was just a mess. I could talk about other stuff, like Wandy Rodriguez having a decent start to the game before missing on a few pitches that the Reds just hammered but I think everything else in the game really overshadow this. This game is set to be picked up at the top of the seventh inning at 5:30 p.m. today before the scheduled 7:10 start of their game already on the schedule. To close, here is a video of all the home runs from the first six innings:

UPDATE: The Pirates win. Andrew McCutchen crushed a ball for a double in the seventh inning and Russell Martin drove him in with two outs. The Pirates pen of Tony Watson, Mark Melancon, and Jason Grilli closed the deal with little to worry about. The final two and a half innings were played without a home run being hit. True story.

Just a wild game. The original game will start soon.

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