Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pirates Game 27 Recap - Orioles 5, Pirates 1

The Pirates hadn't played a game in like 12 days and today with the doubleheader I almost forgot what Pirates baseball was like. Charlie Morton was on the mound and he was facing Bud Norris so I had a pretty good feeling about the first game and with a win you could go for a doubleheader sweep and see what happens the rest of the weekend. That did not happen. What I forgot about Pirates baseball was that Morton's typical outing has him look really good for three or four innings but inevitably have that one inning that loses the game. Like clockwork today.

Morton was really good early on. He was getting through innings at about 10 pitches per and I actually thought this might be the outing that he could maybe turn things around with. Then the rain came. The last two days have been washed out with non-stop rain and it delayed this game for about 40 minutes. After the game was delayed Morton came back out for the fifth and that was all she wrote.

The fifth started with a single, walk, and an error. That set the table for the Orioles scoring three runs on three hits and while the Pirates offense wasn't bad, they just couldn't get it done. I don't know what it is about Morton but it is wildly frustrating. I don't know what prompts the switched being flipped but I would hope that somebody could figure it out because Morton has not being giving the Pirates a ton of chances to win this year. Sure there was a rain delay and sure the error in the inning didn't help, but this one was on Morton and this stuff needs to stop happening.

The offense had nine hits and got hit three times with three walks which is a pretty nice thing to see. A lot of runners on base and a lot of chances to score runs. The problem comes when you go 1-for-14 with runners in scoring position and you strand 13 runners on base.

The Pirates got the lone run on a Pedro Alvarez two out single in the third inning that saved the Pirates from stranding a leadoff triple by Jose Tabata. Outside of that the Pirates left a small village on the bases. Very rough to watch.

Hopefully game two is better.

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