Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pirates Game 32 Recap - Giants 11, Pirates 10 (13 inn.)

Man, what an awful game. The Pirates built up a six run lead after five innings and gave it all away. Jeff Locke ran out of gas and the bullpen was awful. There is no two ways to talk about this game, the Pirates had the win and the pitching staff seemed like it was not happy getting a win and gave it away.

There was everything in this game. Pitcher pinch hitting, ducks on the field, errors, terrible decisions. It's almost like this was a broadway comedy of a recap of an entire baseball season. Nope, it wasn't that, this was one ballgame.

Locke was pretty awful in the first inning and then really good for the next three. The Pirates got a big lead and he was left out probably a little too long. The Giants scored seven runs in the sixth and seventh inning to come back and tie the game.

The funny part (I guess) is that the Pirates actually scored a run in the bottom of the eighth inning. Ike Davis scored on an infield single with two outs where he just ran through the stop sign. Literally, he didn't even look at where the ball was. He rounded third like there was a single into the outfield, only this ball didn't leave the infield.

Mark Melancon came on and blew a save. The Pirates and Giants tried to each lose the game in extra innings and in the end it was Jared Hughes throwing the ball away on a bunt that proved to be the winning run. No idea. Frustrating times.

The Pirates offense actually wasn't the problem tonight. They had 16 hits in only 49 at bats and had five extra base hits while going 4-of-15 with runners in scoring position. Sure a few more hits with RISP would have been nice but I can't really complain.

Unfortunately the Giants offense was able to tee off on the Pirates bullpen. The Giants had 20(!) hits and got nine of those hits from their top three batters.

Here is how the Pirates pitching staff shook out:

Woof. When your offense gets you 10 runs before you hit extra innings you have to win.

At least the Pirates were able to get the ducks off the field.

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