Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pirates Game 38 Recap - Brewers 5, Pirates 2

This was one of those typical games in Milwaukee. The Pirates weren't overly bad but they weren't good and what was once a close game became more of a runaway thanks to some weird bounces of the ball. The Pirates have won their last three series and really got people feeling a little better about the team after a brutal April but since then they have lost their last two and last night just gave you that hapless feeling. It sucked.

Gerrit Cole was pretty inconsistent last night. He wasn't bad as he only gave up only three runs on seven hits but he didn't make it thought six innings. He went through spurts of looking dominant and then had spurts where he didn't look like he could locate his pitches at all. That came back to bite him in the third inning when he loaded the bases and then gave up a single to Jonathan Lucroy. What was frustrating about this was that it was hit to right field where Josh Harrison was playing. Now, Harrison was literally almost playing on the warning track in "no doubles" defense with two outs and the bases loaded. He took a pretty bad route to the ball and in fell in front. The Pirates went behind and the Pirates never came back.

I really don't understand why they were in no doubles defense. It was the third inning. The ball that was hit should have been a routine out but instead it was a run scoring single. On top of that Harrison is not an outfielder. I know it has been fun to put infielders in the outfield but with other, you know outfielders, on the team maybe they should play the outfield. This is probably a little over the top since Harrison has been hitting fairly well but playing him in the outfield is a bad idea. It probably cost the Pirates at least a run last night if not both.

It was actually a 3-1 game going into the seventh when Jared Hughes came in. Then things fell apart. In the seventh inning a ball went back up the middle with one out that was a tailor made double play ball. Hughes decides to try and field it and the Pirates barely get an out. The next batter hits a ball off Hughes' food that goes into right field. All told two runs score and it was 5-1 and the game was over.

The Pirates offense got a pair of hits from both Harrison and Jordy Mercer while Jose Tabata had three hits. The Pirates had their chances with runnings in scoring position in many innings but just too many times they came up short. Besides the hits by those three guys the Pirates had a solo home run by Neil Walker and a run scoring double from Gaby Sanchez when the game was probably over.

A series win is looking tougher and tougher. Wandy Rodriguez is scheduled to start on Thursday which is pretty much setting him up for failure. I hope I am wrong, but I am probably not.

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