Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pirates Game 57 Recap - Pirates 10, Padres 3

The Padres are a bad baseball team. Actually, they have about the same record as the Pirates but what they threw out on the mound last night made it seem like they didn't belong on the field. The Pirates weren't able to capitalize with a small country on the bases early but starting in the sixth inning they piled it on with one run in the sixth and three runs in each the seventh and eighth innings. It was a close game in the first half but quickly turned into a laugher.

Charlie Morton continues to baffle me. Last night he had ridiculous movement on his two-seam fastball and it was fooling the Padre hitters. The problem became that Morton had no idea how to throw it for a strike. That led to a lot of walks and a lot of hit by pitches and in the end it resulted in Morton going only five innings and barely holding the lead.

It could have been a lot worse for Morton than it really was. In the five inning he struck out nine hitters. He had the stuff to make it work but he also walked three hitters and hit three others. The nine strikeouts were good but you can't put that many guys on base and not get burned. Morton wasn't hurt too bad but continuously putting yourself into trouble is no way to be successful. We have seen the flashes from him this year and I am just waiting for that stretch of games where he cuts out with this one inning catastrophe and settles it down with the free passes.

The Pirates bullpen trio of Jared Hughes, Justin Wilson, and Jeanmar Gomez gave up only two combined hits over the four innings they covered and the only run they gave up was off Justin Wilson who had a tough time with control, walking two hitters and giving up the run on a groundout.

The Padres pitchers that were trotted out were just...woof.

Chasing the starter after 2.2 innings is exactly what you want to do. Getting 16 hits in a game is exactly what you want to do. Scoring 10 runs in a game is exactly what you want to do. With all that being said, and all the Pirate hitters that had big nights with multiple hits, they still somehow left 16 guys on base. They left another 16 guys on base. I seriously have no idea how they got so many guys on base.

It's not like the Pirates didn't clean up thought. They went 9-for-20 with runners in scoring position and walked seven times. Sometimes when things are good they are really good. Last night things were really good.

Jordy Mercer had the biggest night of the Pirates bunch with four hits including a home run, four runs scored, and a walk. Josh Harrison and Neil Walker batted in the 1-2 spots and each had three hits while Pirates pinch hitters went 3-for-3.

Hopefully the Pirates offense stays hot tonight.

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