Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pirates trade Bryan Morris to Marlins

Evidently the Marlins just had to have Bryan Morris. So much so they gave up a compensation pick. As many have said Morris was probably the next guy to get DFA'd since the Pirates have nobody in the pen that has options. So instead of getting him for free the Marlins gave up a draft pick. All told Morris has sucked for the Pirates.

It is really hard to pick winners and losers in this. Morris could bounce back and be a great reliever. I mean he does have the "stuff" but he has just never been able to put it together. This year the Pirates tried to put him in higher leverage situations and it was a failure nearly every time.

Here are some thoughts by Dave Cameron of FanGraphs which are kind of funny and eye opening:

That last tweet is the rub. With this the Pirates have another draft pick and gain about $1.5M on their draft pool. This is said to be a pretty deep draft so they might get a solid player in the 39th slot but if they needed to spend a little more on a player that fell to them at 24. Obviously that is just speculation but before the trade the Pirates had the 21st most draft pool money and now they have the 13th most. I think I will take that for a guy that probably wasn't going to be around much longer.

This is a little weird because most of the time it is the Pirates who are trading for guys like this. Feels different being on the other side of it.

Casey Sadler got called up to take Morris' spot.

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