Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pirates Game 100 Recap - Pirates 12, Dodgers 7

Typically when your offense scores 12 runs on 12 hits, walks five times, and has five players have multiple hits that will pretty much dominate the recap of the game and give you the thought that this was a pretty easy win. That pretty much is the exact opposite of what happened last night. The Dodgers kept coming back on the Pirates thanks to shoddy defense and the overwhelming storyline was that Justin Wilson was intentionally throwing at batters. What a weird game.

The Pirates really controlled most of the game. It was close throughout the entire game but every single time the Dodgers scored the Pirates answered. The Bucs jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the second and the Dodgers tied it in the third which was followed by the Pirates scoring two runs in the bottom half of the inning. The Dodgers again tied the game in the sixth inning but the Pirates responded with four runs in the bottom of the inning. The Dodgers scored three runs over the seventh and eighth innings while the Pirates answered with four runs in the bottom of the eighth. Every time the Dodgers got close the Pirates answered. That is what good offenses do.

Vance Worley is really pitching for his spot in the rotation with Gerrit Cole coming back and the Pirates said to be looking for some starting pitching help. He was a little up and down last night as he gave up four runs, although only one of them was earned thanks to another throwing error from Pedro Alvarez and a throwing error from Josh Harrison. It must be like a rule that you have to commit at least one throwing error if you come in to play third base. Worley gave up seven hits and two walks over six innings and threw 69 of his 98 pitches for strikes so it was pretty solid.

Ike Davis decided that he wanted to contribute to the offense with three hits and a home run (!!!). It was Davis' first home run since early June and his first hit since July 9th. Holy hell he's been bad but last night he bounced back and even got a hit off a left handed pitcher. Mass hysteria.

Gregory Polanco, Travis Snider, Neil Walker, Russell Martin all had two hits and the only member of the team in the top seven of the lineup without a hit was Andrew McCutchen. Weird.

The Dodgers pitching staff that threw last night was awful. I mean really awful. Josh Beckett was making his first start after coming off the DL and didn't even last four innings while giving up four runs on six hits and throwing 69 pitches. Beckett was tagged for three home runs giving up two home runs in the second inning (Walker, Davis) and another in the third (Polanco). After Beckett cam former Pirate Paul Maholm who gave up a pair of runs. Jamey Wright was fairly awful giving up two more runs, one on a wild pitch, then former Indians closer Chris Perez came in and got an out before walking the next four hitters. Perez gave up four runs in 0.1 innings and didn't give up a hit. Good job, good effort, Chris.

The real highlight of the night came in sixth and seventh innings. McCutchen was hit by Wright in the sixth inning. The pitch hit him up in the shoulder and it was in the head region so it was pretty scary. At the time I didn't think anything of it because Wright had been pitching terribly and he only threw 17 strikes in 31 pitches. In my mind it wasn't intentional because he sucked.

Well, evidently Justin Wilson didn't think so. He came in the seventh inning and the first batter he faced was Justin Turner
and he threw the first pitch pretty far inside and then hit Tuner on the hip with his second pitch. He was immediately eject which prompted Clint Hurdle from being ejected. The next batter, Adrian Gonzalez, hit a home run with Turner on first. So instead of a four run lead with the guy you wanted in there it was a two run lead with the guy you didn't want in there. That will really show the Dodgers who is boss!

Most of you know I am against this stupid shit. Intentionally hitting batters is as stupid as protecting "the code" in hockey and all the "unwritten rules" in baseball. The goal of baseball is to keep runners off base and you are intentionally putting a guy on base. That happened last night and he scored. How does that help? I know people are saying you have to stick up for your teammate but it's pretty easy to say that McCutchen wasn't hit on purpose. So any time Cutch gets hit, intentionally or not, you have to throw at the other team? That seems pretty counter productive. So what if the Pirates are in a one run game and that happens? Does losing the game justify hitting Turner? Not to me.

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