Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pirates Game 96 Recap - Pirates 4, Rockies 2

This was far from ideal, but a win is a win. The Rockies are not a good baseball team and as the night went on it seemed like the Pirates wanted to match them but in the end it was a big eighth inning that put the Pirates ahead.

Overall the Pirates gathered three errors and many more mistakes that aren't officially errors and to be honest it is somehow impressive that Colorado only scored two runs. In each of the first two innings the Rockies had the bases loaded thanks to Francisco Liriano having no idea where the ball was going and it could have got real bad real fast. In the first inning Liriano walked two and gave up a hit but got a double play to get out. In the second inning he would have got out with no runs allowed if Jordy Mercery didn't look like he was trying to chest down every single ball that was hit to him. If not for that the Rockies wouldn't have scored a run at all. I don't know how, but Liriano kept it together.

It was another start where Liriano just looked lost. I talked about his troubles in the first two innings but after a nearly 30 pitch first inning he somewhat settled down and got through five innings, striking out eight, walking three, and giving up only three hits. If you take out the first inning Liriano did pretty well and probably could have got through six or seven innings. The problem is that you have to include that inning. It was better than his first start back from the DL and it was good to see his velocity back up to the mid-90's, but he needs to figure out the control as most teams aren't going to let him off the hook like the Rockies did.

The offense kinda was like the pitching. They didn't really do anything great but they made the most of their opportunities. Down 1-0 with two outs Starling Marte tripled down the left field line thanks to a pretty bad misplay by Corey Dickerson that nearly led to an inside the park home run. Problem is that Marte got thrown out. I am not really sure how I feel about Marte going for it but I will say that he got to third base a lot faster than I thought he was going to. The fan in me doesn't care that he got thrown out at home because seeing him chance it like that is a lot of fun to watch. Maybe he should have stayed at third since the best player in the National League coming up next but who cares. It was fun as hell to watch.

Marte was involved in the other Pirates run that once again tied the game. With the bases loaded in the seventh inning and one out Marte was hit in the helmet with a pitch. It was ugly. An Adam Ottavino pitch got away from him and drilled Marte and he was down for a little while. To be honest with you I have pretty surprised that Marte was allowed to continue in the game. He wasn't as messed up as he was the last time he was concussed but even if he was fine I don't think there was a reason that he should have been left in the game. I would probably rather be safe than sorry in this situation but that's just me.

Neil Walker and Gaby Sanchez started the party in the eighth inning that ended with a Travis Snider pinch hit double and a Josh Harrison sacrifice fly to tack on an insurance run. It was a good end to what was a shaky night overall for the Pirates. It got them to 50 wins and with everyone but Cincinnati winning last night it helped the Pirates stay square with where they ended the unofficial first half. Getting another win tonight is pretty important as the Pirates have to continue to beat up on bad teams.

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