Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pirates Game 99 Recap - Dodgers 5, Pirates 2

For much of the season Edison Volquez has been really good. Last night was one of those nights where he didn't have his best stuff and it seemed like every ball that was put in play found a hole or the Pirates couldn't make the play. The Pirates were able to survive that kinda stuff against Colorado but against Hyun-Jin Ryu they weren't going to be as lucky.

The Dodgers got five runs over the third and fourth inning and while the Pirates were able to chip away with two runs in the bottom of the fourth inning you just really never got the idea that the game was close. I guess the best chance the Pirates had was in the eighth inning when Brian Wilson came in but at that point it was too little too late.

Volquez wasn't even able to make it through six innings as he threw over 100 pitches in 5.2 innings while giving up 10 hits and walking three more. You are not going to be very successful when your WHIP is over 2.0. It maybe wasn't as bad as you might think as Josh Harrison let a ball hit right at him get by two score two runs with two outs in the fourth and that opened the gates for another run to score. The Pirates official scorer gave that a double but as we know the Pirates official scorer has some head scratching decisions.

Nevertheless the outing wasn't great for Volquez. I guess you can just chalk this up to a 'meh' outing as he has been pitching pretty well for the most part this year and this wasn't a gem that I necessarily had the Pirates winning. That being said when you don't have to face Hanley Ramirez or Yasil Puig then you are getting a break and it would have been nice to take advantage of that.

Not sure if it means anything but Ernesto Frieri had another good outing. I mean this only makes it back-to-back outings where he has had shutout appearances but it is worlds better than the rest of his time as a Pirate. I guess it still remains to be seen what he can bring but he threw nine of his 13 pitches for strikes and while he gave up a hit he looked pretty well. He worked his fastball in the mid-90s and this would be a huge change for the bullpen if he can get back to throwing strikes, even if that isn't coming in high leverage situations.

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