Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Pirates Game 139 Recap - Cardinals 1, Pirates 0

Losing this series was probably bad enough. Even if the Pirates could get win today and salvage a game it still would have sucked to lose three straight to a team they are trying to chase. Unfortunately they did lose this game and it was frustrating as hell. Edison Volquez was great and held the Cardinals scoreless through 6.1 innings of work and the offense wasn't able to do anything. The Pirates have hit around Shelby Miller pretty well in the past but he was able to shut them down. Frustrating times.

Not much to say more than we have been saying before. The Pirates have been playing a ton of one-run baseball games lately and they have been losing a lot of them. Today was just another story of that. They had chances to drive home some runners but went 0-for-5 with runners in scoring position including leaving Neil Walker on third base with only one out at one juncture in the game. Overall they had four hits and three of those hits came from Walker.

In the eighth inning Gregory Polanco leadoff with a walk and Josh Harrison, the NL Player of the Month in August, was asked to bunt. Lets just forget for a second that Harrison is just an awful bunter but you are asking a guy who some would call the second best hitter on the team (third in my book this season) to bunt with speed on first base and no outs. I wanted to throw a baseball through my TV.

I will give Clint Hurdle some props here. With the game scoreless he went with Tony Watson to finish up the seventh inning and then went with Mark Melancon for the last [almost] two innings. This is something that Hurdle virtually never does but he made the right call, even if Melancon gave up the single to end it. That doesn't make up for wasting an at bat from Josh Harrison but it really underscores how important this game was.

It was just another miserable day at Busch Stadium. The Pirates season isn't over but this isn't looking like much of a playoff team. I hope I am wrong.

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