Friday, October 3, 2014

Pirates Minor Moves: DFA Tabata, Acquire Guilmet

Not really much to talk about here. Jose Tabata being designated for assignment might be a little shocking on the surface but there is no way any team is going to take on the rest of his contract. If some team did claim him that would actually work out well for the Pirates. Tabata is the first guy off the 40-man roster this offseason and that is probably because there is 100% chance he clears. Pirates management never lets guys go for free so this kinda gives you a hint as to how confident they are of him clearing waivers.

I don't really know anything about Preston Guilmet. He threw a handful of major league innings this year but has some good numbers in the minors so this might be a case of buying low for the Pirates for bullpen arms that could turn into something good. John Dreker over at Pirates Prospects had the numbers on the guy.

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